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We are the manufacturer, wholesale & exporter of handmade products and clothing from Nepal, ritual objects, garments & fashion accessories, Hemp Product, Woolen Product, Pashmina Product, and Felt Product are our major production. We offer online shopping for quality handmade crafts e.g. mens wear, ladies fashion wears, winter wear, summer wear, silver jewellery, mala beads, Pashmina, Hemp, Woolen, Felt,  incense, Handmade paper, statue & more Which are given below: Capturing the essence of Nepalese craftsmanship, we at Unique Creative Export Handicrafts manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of a wide variety of quality handcrafted products. Our Handicrafts has been a well established company. This company is directly associated with the artists and craft men so the prices of the products are also very reasonable.

With our in-depth understanding of the handicraft industry in Nepal, coupled with years of extensive experience, we have touched the pulse of the customers across the globe by offering handcrafted products that reflects the spirit and mystery of Nepalese cultures and traditions. Apart from having aesthetic value, our products are distinguished in the market for their competitive price and the quality of our products - which is the state of the art. We believe that there is a prospect to sell this Nepalese Handicraft and Hand crafted Nepalese Crafts in any competitive market around the globe. 

Unique Creative Export has been exporting beautiful handicraft of superb craftsmanship from its very establishment. It has been promoting the Handicraft and Handloom products produced by the cottage and small-scale industries of the remote Himalayan parts of the country.
Lost Horizon exports handmade products mainly paper crafts, wood crafts, mithila arts, batik, natural incense, bone crafts, Metal crafts, products of wool, felt, hemp, cotton textile and readymade garments and so on throughout the countries of the world. These products win many hearts of our customers around the globe.

Company Philosophy:

Unique Creative Export very much concentrates on promotion of the Nepalese handmade products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of the people from the remote Himalayan parts of the country. We employ as more workers as possible from the economic level and village women while offering benefits such as health-care, education to their children and many more… We trust on fair trade leading to social benefits and we do focus on profit selfless and of course 100% free from child-labor. We select the workers under the strict supervision of the company.

Raw Materials:
Most of our raw materials such as hemp, cotton, silk, nettle, natural pashmina, wooden, and paper products come from the himalayan part of Nepal and they are made by hand locally. Local village people collect hemp and nettles from the source area of remote mountain regions. They grow in the wild still collection of these raw materials does not affects to the nature; It is eco friendly as well. Production first begins with the soaking of the plant, it is boiled with ash to naturally bleach it and make it soft. After drying on rocks in the sun light, the product is turn into thread by hand and delivered to looms to be woven into fabric. Hemp is little bit harder than Nettles and more strong & durable than cotton which is long lasting products. These organic products are very important due to these fibers’s healthy effect to the users. Wearing these natural garments makes feel warmer in the cold and cooler in the hot weather. 

Our Products:
Our company has varieties of best quality Nepalese handicrafts such as exclusive fashion garments, Nepali pure lokta papers, woolen jackets, sweaters, ponchos, bags, gloves, socks and hats, felt bags, purse, shoes, mat and accessories, Pashmina cardigan, sweaters, mufflers & scarf etc. to export worldwide. Custom designs are always possible and we encouraged implementing on our products as we believe that designs are based on the imagination.

Besides the paper products, bags and hats, pashmina shawls, and apparels;  we can provide you the range of stuffs such as Buddhist items prayer flags, statues, stupa, incense, thanka paintings and many more………. 
The metal, wooden & bone crafts, mask, ceramics products are also be available with us.

Besides our own production of garment and handicraft items, we collect the products from various art wholesalers and manufacturers. We have been exporting on various handcrafted products and ritual items such as singing bowls, statue, thanka, curios, silver crafts Maithili arts antique products etc and we collect the best. We assure that our each and every product and collection are quality guaranteed.

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